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Who are the biggest consumers of alcoholic beverages in the world?

We have heard many times that European citizen’s drink a lot, and the statistics of the World Health Organization in 2021 show that this is true; Citizens in the green continent consume more alcohol than anywhere else in the world. European citizens over the age of 15 consume more than 9.5 liters of pure alcohol every year, a figure that indicates the consumption of at least 190 liters of beer, 80 liters of wine or 24 liters of stronger alcoholic beverages. In 2019, the 10 European countries with the highest alcohol consumption per capita are: Czech Republic (14.3 liters), Latvia (13.2 liters), Moldova (12.9), Germany (12.8 liters), Lithuania (12.8 liters), Ireland (12.7 liters), Spain (12. 7 liters). Bulgaria (12.5 liters), Luxembourg (12.4 liters) and Romania (12.3 liters).

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