Luxurious birthday party, the Big Day, corporate function or elegant wedding anniversary, we have a package to suit you. We proudly partner with local and regional producers so we can offer a diverse range of products. From draft ales, lagers and ciders, to small batch and craft spirits and wines. We can source your favorite tipple no matter how obscure and, even write you a bespoke drinks menu to compliment your day. In the past, more products were packaged in glass bottles, and now more and more new plastics are used for packaging, because most of the time, the cost of packaging glass bottles is still high. We usually use glass bottles or metal cans to package beer. The reason for using metal cans for packaging is that they are more convenient and also recyclable.

If you’re looking for a professional mobile bar for the hospitality industry that offers you great value for money, the Bar in the Box is the mobile bar for you.

Our packing box has interchangeable tops and panels, which means that you can easily change the appearance of your bar by ordering different colored panels or tops, then swap them for different events. Also, Available in a variety of finishes and colors, including our new GRP tops, plus the option to apply graphics to the front and side panels, the Bar in a Box has a wide range of display options. Just look at our gallery for examples.

High-quality liquor is packaged in glass bottles and high-quality ceramic bottles containing crystals. Packaging of alcoholic beverages is nothing but this type of packaging material, glass, ceramic, pottery.

Liquor contains relatively high purity alcohol that can easily cause chemical effects on metal cans and eventually corrode the metal cans. Therefore, in terms of the taste and safety of Bijou, metal cans cannot be used for packaging. Liquor contains ingredients that, even after being placed in metal cans, are still changing. In order for liquor to taste better, after it is placed in a metal can, it needs to have some contact with air to help it produce chemical changes and aromatic hydrocarbons. That is why the aroma of liquor is produced. Generally, the metal cans we see on the market are about 10 ounces, but the average person rarely drinks that much at one time. A metal can is a disposable packaging material. If you can’t finish the liquor all at once, it’s not good for keeping the liquor and it evaporates easily. Therefore, white spirits are generally packaged in glass bottles and ceramic bottles with good sealing properties and are not disposable packaging materials.

Our packing box is ideal for those wanting simple assembly and break down, making it perfect for venues with limited storage space, or for those wanting a temporary bar that is easily transported between locations.

We operate across the whole of the Melbourne of Australia. Our love for the great outdoors and passion for exceptional service is the perfect recipe for the ultimate event.